Loss and Prevention for Bar Restaurants

Loss and prevention tool for your Restaurant

Many retail industries have come to the conclusion that there are great benefits to be had from the installation of CCTV systems.

Especially for those who run restaurants, there are particular advantages to be considered.

Cybersecurity dilemmas and opportunities restaurants face

Shackelford says that for restaurants that are quickly trying to pivot from booths to virtual, there are a couple of dangers lurking.

“First, in a rush to partially reopen and stay afloat, they might inadvertently introduce gaps and vulnerabilities in their systems that hackers can exploit,” Shackelford states. “Cybersecurity is more than a checklist – it’s an ongoing process demanding proactive due diligence.” The expertise and resources may be in short supply at many restaurants and does leave an opening for MSPs.

But, Shackelford adds, the technology itself isn’t a panacea; there can be issues.

“The technology itself is problematic. Touchscreens, in particular, are vulnerable,” he says. “A hacker in Australia, for example, was able to manipulate a McDonald’s self-service kiosk to lower the price of his lunch.”

A lower-priced Big Mac may not sound like a big deal, but if that happened repeatedly, it’d show up on the bottom line.

bar and restaurant Managed IT Services

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bar and restaurant security networks systems

Restaurants need to get the most value from our products.  From cybercriminals leveraging software, hardware, and end-user devices to wreak havoc on the network to unintentional employee errors that can lead to compromised data. 

Bar and Restaurant structure cabling and wiring services

Our horizontal cabling and wiring installation are set to a very high standard. We ensure that closets and drop locations are labeled and tested to perfection for CCTV, Surveillance cameras, access control entry, telephone systems, data and fiber.

Bar and restaurant Surveillance Security Cameras

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